How to Use Silverware for Babies?

While silverware has been long used to feed babies pertaining to the Indian tradition and culture as well as the medicinal and health benefits that it boasts of. However, many parents still worry if silverware can be safely used to feed acidic foods such as citrus fruits and tomatoes. Well, parents need to know that silverware won’t react to acidic foods so, it is completely safe to feed babies acidic foods with on the silver plate online you bought. However, it must be kept in mind that silverware might react to Sulphur that’s present in foods. This is the reason that eggs served on silverware or when fed using silver utensils may have an unpleasant taste. While it is not harmful for babies, it is still advised that you avoid using silverware while feeding eggs to your babies.

Silver Plate Online
Silver Plate Online

You already know the many health and medicinal benefits of using silverware to feed babies, you may just as well put to good use those silver glass and silver utensils that you received as gifts. Once the food is prepared, you may feed your baby by serving the food on silver bowls and plates using a silver spoon. Also, use appropriate silver glass to feed water or fruit juices to babies. You may also use the silver bowls and spoons give medicines to your babies.

Silver Glass For Baby
Silver Glass For Baby

Unlike usual plastic baby feeding spoons and bowls, you need not sterilize silver utensils. One may simply wash silver utensils with warm water and with baby-friendly cleaning agent. Pat the silverware dry with a clean, dry cloth and it is ready to be used once again.


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